"The Head That Broke The Woman's Back" was the first in a series of large canvasses painted in the 1990's. It also marked a shift in emphasis from music to art, something that occurs every eight to ten years. Music to art
then art to music, never even close to a complete abandonment but definite shifts never the less.
    All the paintings from this era started with a black canvas. The first move free, the rest a reaction to what came before. The first move to break up all possibilities of logical space, the rest to balance momentum while testing limits. Like a game of chess, at the first glimpse of mate, stop, it's over, the surface solved.
    "The Head That Broke The Woman's Back" as well as the rest of the canvasses painted in the 1990's are composed of dozens upon dozens of thin layers of color applied by brush. Dark areas become light, and back to dark again, at times almost completely disguising what once was. The acrylic paint was diluted with an ever changing ratio of matte and gloss mediums. On the path from faceless patina to emerging image, colors and brightness shift. With the discovery of image things tighten, lines form, shapes define, in a slow race to grasp the solved surface before nothing is left to interpretation.
The Head That Broke The Woman's Back
121cm x 134cm, ©1991, acrylic on canvas
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