"Dynahorse Fishing" is the title of this triptych in wood. Each panel is 193 centimeters high by 58 centimeters wide. The overall dimensions are 221cm by 225cm. The panels were made by gluing together strips of Redwood varying in width. To enhance the definition between the strips, deep purple analine dye was added to the glue. Once glued up, these rectangles were cut into shapes and fitted together to complete the composition of the three panels. The panels have relief and the thickness of the Redwood varies from approximately one centimeter to four centimeters. Wood rasps, files and sandpaper were used to round the edges of the foreground shapes.
Dynahorse Fishing 221cm x 225cm
©2003, wood, heated copper, ink
    Copper was also used as an element in the composition. Holes were drilled in the copper sections and heat was applied to the metal to bring out hues of blue and red. The copper sections were inset into the back of the redwood. To add another element to the composition holes were drilled in shapes across the three panels. Pigment was then brushed around the holes in gradations of yellow to red.
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