The "Fowl Moon Rising" door of Hut 1 at the Art Ranch is of unknown age.  It was originally in the main house and probably dates back to the late 1940’s. The door was used as a blank canvas for creating a composition from the shapes that were removed from the panels used to construct the triptych "Dinahorse Fishing". The composition was laid out then traced onto the door.  Next the middle of the door was painted with a patina in acrylic.  A brush was used to add hues of red, orange, and yellow to enhance the wood grain of the outer border. The surface under the composition was left smooth and free of paint. 
Fowl Moon Rising 203cm x 76cm
©2004, wood, acrylic pigment
    The wood elements were glued and weighted in place.  The back of the door was painted to look as though the composition on the front bled through the door. The use of the negative shapes from the "Dinahorse Fishing" doors as positive shapes on the "Fowl Moon Rising" door makes for an interesting relationship.  They connect consciously if you walk back and forth discovering where the parts were born and unconsciously if, as you travel from room to room, you “sense” that the doors relate to each other.
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