Like the "Dynahorse Fishing" triptych, the door "Windmill Afloat" is new construction. The concept for the door was to juxtapose end grain (which shows the rings) and straight grain to heighten the contrast in the composition. Cross sections were taken from a 9 centimeter by 14 centimeter second growth Redwood beam milled at the Art Ranch. The sequential order of the sections was preserved when they were used in the composition. In this way the appearance and disappearance of knots can be seen, much like in the sequential frames of a movie or flipbook. Thin strips of Purpleheart wood were used to outline all the Redwood cross sections.
Windmill Afloat 184cm x 62cm
©2004, wood, acrylic pigment
    The assembly and gluing of the door had to be done very rapidly to insure that all of the parts would fit inside the doorís frame. Needless to say, the glue was flying! At one point it appeared the door would break under the weight of all the bricks, but thankfully it is happily installed in itís home in Hut 1 at the Art Ranch.
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