"Airhead The Next Generation" was a family band comprising two members of the band "Airhead", Ric Replogle and Robby Jarvis Lamoreux, and their offspring, Collin Replogle, Merissa Replogle and Marley Jarvis. As the story goes, the band emerged out of jam sessions then spurred on by a challenge from Debra Ryerson that the group could not learn three Bob Marley songs in the next rehearsal. The band played together for about three years but only performed in public two times, once at the Oyster Festival on the plaza in Arcata in 2004 and once at the Arcata Community Center in 2003.
The videos are from the show at the Arcata Community Center and included other members of the "Airhead" band, Joyce Hough, Jon Humboldt Gates, Bob Olofson, Willy Winer and honorary "Airhead" Fred Neighbor. The concert was a benefit for La Buena Onda, the Arcata High School Spanish Club of which Marley Jarvis was president. La Buena Onda used the funds to travel to Camuapa in Nicaragua, Arcata's sister city, to help in the construction of a park. In 2004 Michael Stevenson, another next generation multi instrumentalist, began playing regularly with the band and participated in the Oyster Festival show.