The songs in our "Live Recordings" path were recorded live in clubs and halls in Humboldt County, CA between 1976 and 1986. The musician singing the lead vocal will be listed first in the credits. The recordings were taken from a feed off the house mixing console. A few are an unorthodox stereo mix, monitors to one side, house to the other. Most of the songs are binaural. In lieu of the above, the mixes and equalization are not optimal to say the least. The spirit and energy of the band and audience can however overcome, especially for those who were there.

The studio recordings were made between 1976 and 1986 at Humboldt Records. The earlier recordings were done on 1/4 inch four track machines and the later ones were done on an Ampex 440 B one inch eight track machine. Because of the limitations of the number of tracks these recordings are actually a mix of live in studio performances with overdubbed vocals and solos. The band performed complete takes of the songs sans vocals, solos and percussion. This required a lot of guess work as to the levels and balance of the instruments in the stereo rhythm track. Once the vocals and solos were recorded there would be no opportunity to change the relative level of the bass to the guitar, the keyboard to the drums, etc,. let alone reduce the level of the hi hat within the drums without starting over. In lieu of the above the mixes are far from perfect but hopefully will be enjoyed.

If you were a regular at shows or are hearing the music for the first time on this site we would love to hear your comments and stories!
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