Humboldt Records began in the mid 1970's out of the desire to record the band "Airhead". The recording of projects and songs grew steadily more complex, first with one four track tape deck, then ping-ponging between two four track machines. The degree of complexity and amount of time and money spent on recording and equipment grew rapidly and exponentially after the band was approached by an executive from Capital Records. After a meeting in Los Angles with the people at Capital Records it was decided a better quality demo tape was needed. Living behind the Redwood Curtain in Humboldt County in the late 1970's made the prospect of
commuting hundreds of miles to record in either San Francisco or Portland prohibitive, both financially and creatively. The alternative did involve driving to Portland, but only once, to purchase an enormous, five foot tall, one inch Ampex 440B eight track tape machine. There was also an memorable flight in a small private plane (thank you Jim!) to pick up a Soundcraft mixing console that barely fit in the back seat of the aircraft. While setting up the equipment the woman of the house was very accommodating when the small home and garage were rapidly converted into a makeshift recording studio. Large holes were drilled through the living room floor for cables to connect the house to the garage. Large bolts were screwed into the ceiling to support the JBL
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