Francine and Nymiah, two powerful vocalists, recorded their album "Francine and Nymiah" at Humboldt Records in the 1990's. Their lyrics, rooted in environmental actiism and inner personal exploration added depth and emotion to songs already strong due to exceptional singing. The album was engineered by Robby Jarvis Lamoreux. Lamoreux also assisted in production. Released in 1996, the album was one of the longest lasting projects at Humboldt Records due in no small part to a "one in a million" pair of ears that could truly discern differences in pitch like no other.

This version of "Fallen Rainforest" is a rough mix, with very minimal effects, done at Humboldt Records. The song was written by Francine with lyric collaboration by Brenton Kelly. The final mix was done in Eugene at Michael Cooper Recording. Francine, vocal, guitar; Nymiah, vocal; Alex Vargas, violin; Robby Jarvis Lamoreux, bass.

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