Thad Beckman recorded two albums at Humboldt Records in the late 1980's. The first was titled "Let Me Down Easy" and the second, "These Boots". He also recorded some songs solo, live to two track analog tape. Every recording engineer who sits behind the mixing board gets excited and more engaged when they hear a musician take risks, push limits when recording. All to often when the words "we are rollin' " come through the cans musicains fall back to the tried and true. Beckman took as many or more risks than anyone and more often than not, pulled them off. An excellent song writter, vocalist and guitarist, Beckman tours internationally and performs regularly around his home town, Portland, Oregon.

This song, "Let Me Down Easy", is from the album of the same name and was written by Beckman. It was released in 1988. The song was recorded on Humboldt Record's one inch Ampex 440B and mastered to analog two track tape. Engineered and mixed by Robby Jarvis Lamoreux. It was taken from a cassette copy of the analog two track master. Thad Beckman, vocal, guitar; Gary Davidson, bass; Paul DeMark, drums; Doug Crumpacker, saxophone; Joyce Hough, vocal; Robby Jarvis Lamoreux, organ.

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