Doug Vanderpool recorded his album "Don't Try To Steal My Heart" at Humboldt Records. Vanderpool has a rich, smooth voice to go with his very warm personality. This made him especially pleasurable to work with in the studio. Vanderpool brought in a very excellent group of musicians to record on his album which also made the process efficient and productive. The album was released in 1991. Engineered and mixed by Robby Jarvis Lamoreux.

"I've Never Felt So All Alone", written by Vanderpool. Doug Vanderpool, vocal, harmonica; Thad Beckman, guitar; Matt de Catt, bass; Danny Montgomery, drums; John Vavrek, organ; Lee miller, baritone sax; Julie Froeblem, tenor sax; Daryll Strom, alto sax; Sam Maez, trumpet.
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