The Timezone project was inspiration powered by perseverance creating opportunity for serendipity. The idea was born in the creative mind of Jon Humboldt Gates and brought to fruition through his leadership and diplomacy. The Timezone project was a ground breaking collaboration between musicians in Moscow with musicians in Humboldt County California culminating in a record release and series of concerts in 1992. All before the "Iron Curtain" came down.
Gates carried recordings on reel to reel tape multiple times in and out of the Soviet Union, each time adding parts to the songs. All songs were co-written by Gates with Russian and American musicians and recorded in both Russian and American studios, Mamonov Recording and MDM Recording in Moscow and Humboldt Records in Trinidad, California. The album is titled "Lost Nations" and was mixed at Russian Hill recoding in San Francisco, California.

It took a substantial amount of diplomacy and money from multiple sources to bring seven musicians from