monitors. All in all the three months that followed the meeting with Capital Records were a blur. Due to an unfortunate set of circumstances a record deal did not happen (the band's contact at Capital left the business to take an executive position in the fashion industry) but there was no turning back. Humboldt Records was established and would outlive the band "Airhead" by many years. Humboldt Records primary producer and engineer was Jarvis Lamoreux. Russ Cole was also often engineering sessions. Humboldt Records was at the forefront of the evolving world of MIDI and digital recording while at the same time not abandoning the best features of analog equipment.

During the years that followed many musicians, bands, story tellers, and advertising agencies recorded at Humboldt Records. Many of the same musicians that were part of the "Airhead" band participated in recording projects like the "Timezone" project and "Howard Huge" as well as being session players on albums. From the mid 1980's to the late 1990's there was an additional pool of very talented musicians that recorded their own projects as well as on the projects of others. This pool included drummers Danny Montgomery, Paul DeMark and Mike Yessemi; bass players Ken Lawrence and Gary Davidson; guitarist Thad Beckman; cellist Anne Conrad-Antoville; violinists Rob Diggins and Sam McNeiil; sax players Francis Vanek and Lee Miller; keyboard players Brian Hurliman, John Vavrek and Charlie Thompson.

In addition to records by "Airhead", "Howard Huge" and "Timezone", many other albums were produced. Following is a partial list of records made and musicians that recorded at Humboldt Records; "One Wish" by "Back To The Garden", "These Boots" and "Let Me Down Easy" by Thad Beckman, "Bad Dog" by Buddy Brown and the Hound Dogs, "High Hopes In Shallow Water" by Small Fish, "Francine and Nymiah" by Francine and Nymiah, "Don't Try To Steal my Heart" by Doug Vanderpool, "Something Like This" by Jenny Scheinman and Jack West, "Live at Larrupin Cafe" by Francis Vanek Quartet, "The Captain & The Lady" and "Contrary Visions" by Kray Van Kirk, "Happy Camper Nation" by Rex Johnson, "Sky Of My Cradle" by Jack Goucher, "Noah's Dove" by Steve Berman and Naomi Steinberg, "Final Chants" by Andrew Christian, "Weavings In The Sky" by Michael Kavanaugh, "Let The Wild Things Grow" by Lisa Beth, Brissa Roche, Earl Thomas, "Pasture Prime", Rick Peller, Tooley Mack, Sabrina, "Biscuit Band", "The Roadmasters", "Latin Keys", "Java Boys", "Lighthouse Band", "The Colours", "Comotion","Psyclones", Rich Ross, "Captain Jack" and many more. If you recorded at Humboldt Records we would love to hear from you! Humbee@JarvisLamoreux.com
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