Robby Jarvis Lamoreux's music life started early. At twelve he purchased a ukelele and started playing Buddy Holly songs with a friend. Then went electric at fifteen, starting a band with Jon Humboldt Gates. The "Townsmen" also included K C Smith, Jeff Provolt and later Rod Iverson. At eighteen Robby met Richter Replogle. In the early 1970's Robby, Jon, Ric and Joey Mallet's jam sessions grew into the band Airhead, which also included Ross Garfield, Willy Winer, Joyce Hough, Bob Olofson, Dan Vineyard and Allen Wolfeck. Airhead released several albums and toured regularly in California, Oregon, Washington and Canada. Airhead performed at the first Reggae on the River Festival. In 1986-1987 Ric and Robby recorded and performed a
collection of songs using the name "Howard Huge". They also recorded additional material with Mike Yassemi using the name "Small Axe". In the late 1980's Jon formed a band, "World Permitting". The band included Jon, Robby, Ric, Joyce Hough, Paul DeMark and Gary Davidson. The music, based on Jon's songs and travels to Russia, culminated in 1992 with the "Timezone" project. The project included an album release and a series of concerts. Timezone was a collaboration between musicians in Moscow and Humboldt county in the years before the Iron Curtain came down. In the mid 1990's Robby performed in a steel drum band as well
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