as in the band "Zimside" playing music from Zimbabwe. In the early 2000's the band "Airhead the Next Generation" began with Robby, Robby's daughter Marley, Ric, Ric's daughter Merrisa and son Collin. In 2006 Robby started playing with Rob Cunningham and Bill Brooks and still does so today. In 2014 he initiated rehearsals with musicians for recording a collection of original songs that was performed in December 2014. The musicians included Marley and Sean Jarvis, Brian Hennesy, Cory Goldman, Ken Lawrence, and Alex Freiman.

From the mid 1970's to the late 1990's many musicians recorded at Humboldt Records. In addition to records by Airhead, Howard Huge and Timezone, many other albums were produced.

Songs are still being written and music being recorded and performed. As time permits more material will be added to the web site.
"Airhead" in concert
Robby Jarvis Lamoreux
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