There are several ways to explore the history of the band "Airhead". The first, and maybe the best, would be to read the story and click on the underlined text for images. The second, maybe the best for those already familiar with the story, would be to browse through the thumbnail galleries of the posters, photos, and music. Either way we hope you enjoy the journey!

One could say Airhead began July 4th,1976, the first performance using the name. It could also be said that the band began in late 1975 with regular incognito performances under the name "Live Music". Or maybe it all started with the supper
club years of Saturday night jams beginning in the early 1970's. But it would be hard to separate out a single part of a continuum that began in 1965 when Jon Humboldt Gates and Robby Jarvis Lamoreux began performing together in the band "The Townsmen". But to make a long story shorter we will begin the history of Airhead on July 4th,1976. The members were Robby Jarvis Lamoreux (keyboard, vocals), Jon Humboldt Gates (guitar), Richter Replogle (bass, guitar, vocals), Joey Mallett (guitar, keyboard, vocals), Willy Winer (percussion, vocals) and Alen Wolfeck (drums). Soon thereafter, due to a health issue, Alen had to leave the group and was replaced by Ross Garfield on drums.
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