Airhead continued performing in local venues but with the start of more serious touring it was decided the band needed a better promotional package. Thus began the never ending search for the elusive band photo. Eventually suitable photos emerged. The first reasonably productive photo shoot involved moving lots of gear to a very beautiful but very remote ranch. As the touring became more prominent, the proverbial promotion packet grew with more press reviews, bios and music. Reggae music was still relatively unknown in the mid 1970's. As it became known that there was a band that played Reggae music in Humboldt County interesting opportunities began surfacing. One such opportunity was performing with the Jamican band "The Soul Syndicate" at Humboldt State University in the late 1970's. The entire band stayed on the property and felt at home eating out of the large garden in the middle of the Redwoods. Another interesting project in the late 70's was recording the soundtrack for the movie "Marijuana Man". The soundtrack included two original songs, "Marijuana Man" and "Hallelujah Herb". Airhead also recorded sound effects and instrumental "chase music" for the film.

The second phase of the band was defined by a change in band members. Dan Vineyard (guitar, vocals) took the place of departing band mate Joey Mallett (guitar, keyboard, vocals). Once again the need for a band photo resurfaced. As well as producing their own shows and performing in local venues, Airhead intensified the touring in the years that followed. One of the favorite local clubs was the Old Town Bar and Grill. Another favorite club, which changed names several times, was the Blue Moon (or Phoenix). Quite a different climate than the OTB&G when the windows in back of the stage would drip from the steam off the dancers.

The third phase of the band began with the return of Joey Mallett and new members Joyce Hough (guitar, vocals) and Bob Olofson (sax, percussion, vocals). Also at this time was the release on vinyl of "How Big I Heart". Members from both lineups participated in the recording. So for those keeping score, Robby, Ric and Jon were in the band for all three lineups. Jon stayed on guitar while Ric dropped guitar and moved to bass and Robby dropped bass and stayed on keyboard in the second phase and then moved to drums in the last lineup. Joey was in the first and third lineups, moving to keyboard in the third. Willy and Ross were in the first and second lineups. Dan Vineyard was in the second lineup. Joyce Hough and Bob Olofson were in the third.

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