Doug Mokma and Peter Williams came to Humboldt Records in the early 1990's to record their original songs. Doug Mokma, guitar, and Peter Williams, mandolin, recorded complete takes together, live in the studio, of all their material. They didn't want to record only as a duo but wanted to add more instruments and adjust arrangements accordingly. Along with Mokma and Williams' long time friends, Robert Kammerer, bass, and Janet Finney, percussion, Jarvis Lamoreux brought in Anne Conrad-Antoville, cello, Francis Vanek, saxophone and Lee miller, saxophone to add parts to Mokma and Williams' compositions. Lamoreux also played bass on six of the eleven songs that eventually made it on to the album. Lamoreux continued playing and occassionally performing with Mokma and Williams in the years that followed the release in 1997 of the album "One Wish".

This song, "Kasandra", is from the album "One Wish" by the duo "Back To The Garden". It was written by Mokma and Williams. Engineered, mixed and co-produced by Robby Jarvis Lamoreux. Doug Mokma, guitar; Peter Williams, mandolin; Anne Conrad-Antoville , cello.
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