Buddy Brown came to Humboldt Records in the late 1980's with his band, "The Hound Dogs" and his producer, Rich Ross. They recorded the album titled "Bad Dog" and it was released in 1989. In the studio Brown had a very gracious personality, checking his ego at the door. His career was cut short by his passing at an early age but his memory lives on every year at "The Buddy Brown Blues Festival" held in Blue Lake, California.

This song, "Wild Little Willy", is from the Album "Bad Dog" by "Buddy Brown and The Hound Dogs". It was written by Hawkins and Magill. The song was recorded on Humboldt Record's one inch Ampex 440B and mastered to analog two track tape. Engineered and mixed by Robby Jarvis Lamoreux. Buddy Brown, vocal, guitar; Doug Crumpacker, saxophone, background vocals; Charlie Thompson, piano; Gary Davidson, bass; Danny Montgomery, drums; Rich Ross, background vocals.

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