Tony and Gary Traywick came to Humboldt Records in the late 1980's looking for a studio and a rhythm section to record their original Reggae material. Ric Replogle, bass, and Robby Jarvis Lamoreux, drums, recorded demos of ten songs with Tony and Gary, live in the studio on a four track tape machine. Later several of the songs were recoded on Humboldt Record's one inch Ampex tape machine. In the following year the group, under the name "The Colours", went on to play several concerts.

This song "World Work" is by Gary Traywick. It was taken from a cassette copy of the four track demo sessions. The song was recorded live, in one take, with multiple instruments sharing tracks. This involves much guess work as to the relative levels within the drum mix as well as the overall stereo mix. Gary Traywick, keyboard, vocals; Tony Traywick, guitar,vocals; Ric Replogle, bass; Robby Jarvis Lamoreux, drums.
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